Feed Canary watches your RSS feed and emails you if it’s missing or invalid.

Really Good Questions
Will you sell my email address or send me a newsletter?
Eeew, no. It’s for confirming feed ownership and sending notifications.
What if I decide I don’t like this?
Your feed confirmation email and every notification include a link back here you can use to delete the monitor. If you add a feed you don’t confirm within a few days, it’ll be deleted automatically.
How often are feeds checked?
Every ten minutes or so, which I may have to adjust if this gets busy enough. At minimum, they should be checked at least once a day.
How many feeds can I add?
As many as you want! Please make sure they’re yours though. We’re on the honor system, and I reserve the right to reach out about anything questionable or remove submissions that seem spammy.
Why did you make this?
I love RSS and manage to break my feeds a lot. If you’re here then maybe you’re in the same boat—so I made this little app for both of us.
What if this site gets crushed by people eager to monitor feeds?
Good, I guess? I’ll do a better job of leaving notes here and do what I can to keep it useful.
Are you working on AI features for this?
What if I have a problem or another question?
Send me an email, please! I’d love to hear from you.